Sock Monkeys to All, and To All a Sock Monkey

>> Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Rockstar household has been very busy today with much family and adopted family passing through. Can not believe this is the last holiday in our current place of residence as the move to a new top secret location is upon us.

I was looking for some kind of picture that would sum up the true meaning of Christmas and in true Rockstar fashion I found this instead:

I do not know if sock monkey nativity is blasphemous or not ... but it did make me smile. So have yourself a very merry Christmas and remember Jesus, not sock monkeys, is the reason for the season. And enjoy my word verification free blog, because as we all know, word verification is definitely not koozzest. BAWV.


Fiscal Year End

>> Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When I am not rocking the free world, I am playing with other people's money. Lots of it. The fiscal year end is coming to a close. I do not know why I am even taking a second to post this instead of slaving away in my (ultra cool rocked out) office. But certain times of year seem to have certain effects on people. Most people are trimming the tree and drinking egg nog and enjoying family at this point in the year ... not me

PS - Because I am against word verification, I can not leave it on this blog no matter how much fun I am having ... so sadly when my last post hits 100+ comments I am turning it off


Word Verification is Whack

>> Friday, December 19, 2008

I hate word verification. It is a pain in the can. Seriously. Who invented such an evil thing as this? My lady and I have banners on our bloggies for our society BAWV which stands for Bloggers Against Word Verification. Needless to say ... others are not as enthusiastic about our fringe group, but if you thing word verification is for weenies .... then feel free to grab the banner!

However, because I must always find a way of using evil for good, I have for a brief time turned word verification back on. Why you ask? Because I have been typing in ridiculous words as of late and I always in my warped mind imagine definitions for these "words".

Please join me by leaving me a comment with a definition for the word you are about to type in ... or one you have seen recently ... get creative .... the last time I asked for creativity we ended with 40+ comments. I will kick it off ...


The Lesser of Two Evils?

>> Thursday, December 18, 2008


Tuesday Treasures

>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I wanted to put up a treasure today. The last Tuesday Treasure I did involved Thanksgiving pictures ... since then I have found that a popular theme on one of my posts was something along the lines of how do you afford it all?

I had mentioned that you can still be cheap and have a lovely holiday. Don't believe me? ... I offer you proof from our Thanksgiving day meal:


Where are you going?

>> Monday, December 15, 2008

President Hugo Chavez ... 7 Eleven stopped selling Citgo gasoline a little while back and oil is now less than $50 a barrel. What are you going to do next? Looks like you are doing what everyone does after that much excitement ... going to Disney World


Bag It and Tag It

>> Saturday, December 13, 2008

The assignment:

Take a picture of yourself right NOW!

DON’T change your clothes, DON’T fix your hair… Just take a picture.

Post that picture with NO editing.

Post these instructions with your picture.

Honestly ... I wish they would have let me put on a little makeup at least! I mean a rockstar without makeup is like ... I don't know ... Gene Simmons with a normal tongue ... and dang do I wish I had hair to fix ... Thank God I put a shirt on today .... thanks to Bassackwards and Mrs. Rockstar for this .... gosh what a good lookin dude, eh? How about the other dudes out there .... Michael F, K-Dogg, Zombie ... time to let your hair down and live a little ... GW (not Bush) .. man that was fantastic!!!!! The little missus picture is right on too!


Taking Questions

>> Friday, December 12, 2008

I know many of you have questions about what it is like to have a family the size of ours ... The vasectomy post was just one of many I could write that is just so wrong, and yet so spectacularly funny that I could blog for hours on it .... so here is what I am proposing ... start asking questions and we will conduct this post like a question and answer session .... and if you think for a minute I want questions like "how do you have time to mow your lawn" or "do all the kids get quality time with you" you are sadly mistaken. BRING IT.

I am looking forward to some good clean obnoxious fun ... there will be no questions\comments (outside of too much cussing) that I will not let fly here .... you can not and will not offend me. I need some laughs today at my own expense ... so hit me with your best most creative shots ... and if you are lurking out there and have not come out of my blog closet yet ... I encourage you to do it now .... for those of you with big families as well .... please feel free to bring your own hideous experiences to this post as well.

Let the fun begin ... and oh yeah ... new poll question is on the right


Me & My Vasectomy

>> Sunday, December 7, 2008

Did You Hear The One About The Vasectomy? That man's family was sooo big that even complete strangers were asking him when he was going to get one .. ba dum bah

That guy needs to have a rubber band tied around those things ... I mean come on ... how many could he really want to have? Ba dum bah!

Hey ... Buddy! .... You DO know where those things come from right? Ba dum bah.

Seriously.... This post has been a long time coming. I have not thrown down a rant on this subject yet ... but it is one I need to address. Why? Because somewhere around 7,000 times in the last year and a half or so ... I have been asked when I am going to get my vasectomy. You know ... do my part not to overpopulate the world .... even though there are some European countries so desperate for children that they are giving "incentives". I mean really as a dude ... how many incentives to we really need (ba dum bah).... sorry, back to the story.

Here is the weird part about these questions on my unit.... Over half of my vasectomy inquiries have come from the female persuation ... usually over the age of 45 but younger than 55 .... apparently if you are over 55 it is considered rude to talk about a strange man's piping. However .... a little bit younger than that and apparently it is fair game! I mean I have had women approach me at work, in the food store, when I am with all the kids, once at church, it seems relentless.

My question for the blog faithful is ... what the he11 am I supposed to answer? "Thank you so much for the reminder, I almost missed my appointment!" or "God bless you and your seedless husband this holiday season." Why when you have a big family does everyone think they can crawl all up in your bidness?

Think about it! You gentlemen with 3 children or less, how many times have you been asked if you have tied it off? Now all you over active crazed fathers of 4 or more (you must be crazed to have all those children is another of my favorites) have you ever been asked the question? Bet you have ... some of you more than once. It is an epidemic!

For goodness sakes people ... keep your mouth shut and stop asking about the nut. Join me in rallying the world over to this terrible travesty that I am now stuck in the crosshairs talking about. Pray for my safety as there are those out there who would love to tie one off. These crazies must be stopped. Join me. Email Get Noticed. Spread the word ... and your seed if you still have any!


I found Facebook today

Ok ... techinically last night. I am overwhelmed by the craziness that is facebook. I .... am .... getting .... sucked ..... in ..

I am going to be one of those dudes who is pasty white and never sees the break of day. Darn you Facebook, Darn You!


My Blog Has Been Hijacked!$@%^

>> Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holy Crizap ... what the crapizzle is going on around here. Seriously. I went to my comments ... minding my own business and someone comments about how kickin my blog is. I think to myself .... self .... what the smack is she talkin' about. I know I am kickin ... I know I am fresh ... I know I am WAY too into myself, but why did it take her a year and a half to comment on how snappy my blog looks?

Not understanding that my whole world was about to be rocked (ironically) I decided to peek at my bliggity blog and see if something had changed .... WOW. Um .... I thought my blog was sweet. I was wrong. This is sweet.

My blog has been compromised. Someone has stolen the key to my heart .... um I mean blog. And by key, I mean password. How did this happen?

If my blog played the lotto (and if it does shame on it) it just won .... big time! I don't know what the heck is going on around here ... but if you want to judge this book by it's cover ... there is absolutely no reason for me to ever change my password again. Ever.

Blog Gremlins .... YOU ROCK!!!!!!!


Nunchuck Skillz

>> Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Napolean Dynamite has NOTHING on this!!


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